* Trust Account Reconciliation/Compliance per Rules of:
- NC Real Estate Commission,
- NC State Bar

* Ensure your trust accounts are in compliance.

* Validate your trust accounts are fully funded.

* Confirm the required monthly/quarterly reconciliations are prepared.

We specialize in trust account compliance to help protect your business from accounting oversights which can lead to costly mistakes. Let us leverage our trust accounting expertise so you can focus on growing your business. Although we are not an employee of the NC Real Estate Commission or NC State Bar, we focus our time to learn the rules and guidelines so you don't have to.
Adhering to Commission Rule A.0116 (Handling Trust Money), Rule A.0117 (Accounting for Trust Money), and Section 93A-6 for the NC Real Estate Commission, and to Rule 1.15 of the Rules of Professional Conduct for NC State Bar, a compliance review can be performed on a one-time basis, monthly or quarterly basis. Additionally, we can reconcile your trust bank account monthly to assist the in-house bookkeeper while ensuring compliance.

Escrow Consulting & Accounting, LLC works to protect your business by ensuring that your company's trust accounts are in compliance, validating all trust accounts are fully funded, and confirming the required monthly and quarterly reconciliations are prepared, or prepare them if necessary.

As the client, you determine how much or how little hands-on work we complete. Some clients prefer we only inform them of any violations while other clients prefer we complete the necessary steps to correct the ledgers.

Services are billed on a per hour basis. We travel, and have clients all across the great state of North Carolina. Please contact us for our current fee schedule, and to learn how Escrow Consulting & Accounting can help protect your trust bank accounts.